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Apps, Apps, Apps

Today Apps are becoming more universal for both IOS, Android, Google, Kindle and Windows 8.  Many of apps are available on more devices than ever and offer teachers and students a wide variety of choices.  Which one is best?  That is based on too many variables to mention.  What your need, what works for you and your technology comfort level, expertise and time factor are some of the main issues to address.   We divide up a couple areas that may seem the same but are very different.  Video creation apps, and Shooting Video Apps provide two sets of tools for users.  One is for Shooting the video, (There are tons of these), and the others are for the final presentation – Video Creation.  Some apps are a combo of both, but usually are more of one skill set than the other.  So while you may have an app that does shoot video, and allow you to post, it really is not a fully created movie.  The same is true for photography.  You will have Apps that will provide you timing, and colors, and then you will have the editing app that allows you to clean up and make your photo “pop” for the viewer.

So do some of these apps belong in more than one category, the answer is yes.  So you may find a few of the apps in two different sections.  The goal is to help you know what an app can do for you and your projects.


If I Could Only Have 10 Apps On My IPAD

Free Apps (for the one iPad classroom)

Digital Storytelling Apps and integration ideas

Show Me White Boarding App

Presentation Apps

Great Video Creation Apps

Shooting Video Apps

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