Apps Teaching Programming and Coding IPads

Learn Computer Coding on Your Ipad!

There are a number of Apps for the Ipad that help students learn to code. Most of these use Blocks to teach the process of coding. The Hour of Code Web site, also can be used on the Ipad without the need to download any apps.  If you have a PC you can also download a program called Scratch, which can also be played using a web interface.

Daisy the Dinosaur

Price: Free
Difficulty: Beginner
iTunes link:


Price: Free
Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate
iTunes link: the Turtle
Price: $2.991
Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced
iTunes link:


Price: $1.99
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
iTunes link:


Price: $1.99
Difficulty: Advanced
iTunes link:

Scratch Jr.

Price: Free
Easy to Intermediate
itunes Link:


App Craft

Price:  Free, 4.99 to remove ads.
Difficulty:  intermediate to advanced
itunes link:


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